30 May 2014


Salam, Hi and Good Afternoon. So this entry just want to share about my cousin, Adib Nabilah Farhah. Around 3 days ago, my mom got a call from her parents state that Adib was detained in Hospital of Sultanah Aminah, JB. But when we ask, no exact answer can be stated by her parents. Until yesterday, me and my mom was invited to hear a talk about her illness. Now , we found out, what actually happen to her.

adib nabilah, 16 y/o

AML disease.
However, we still made some research about this illness. About how it happen and what can be done to cure this disease. So, here i beg, if any of you that read this article, hope you guys can share something related about this disease. We really need to know. 

Before i end this entry, i just wanna share my happiness in celebrating myself during past Teachers Day. Thanks a lot to my lovely students. TEACHER ANNE loves You KIDS !

loves this

One more thing, before i forget, TONIGHT ! good luck for both team :) all the best !!!